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Pet Care Library

All of our pet care articles are provided free for your use online or to print. Simply click the article of interest below to read it online, or print it out from your home computer.

Age & Your Pet

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Age & Your Pet: What to Expect

Cats Only!

5 Cat Items to Throw Away Right Now  
How to Give Your Cat a Pill
How to Trim Your Cat's Nails 

Behavior & Obedience

Basic Puppy Training
10 Easy Steps to Housetrain Your Dog
Crate Training
Eliminating Cat Litterbox Problems TOP PICK
Preventing Dog Bites
Puppy Domestication & Socialization
The Feline Terrorist - Taming the Kitten with an Attitude
Why Punishment Fails; What Works Better


How to Prepare your Pets for a Hurricane
Making a Pet Emergency Kit
Preparing for Disasters
What to do if your Pet is Poisoned

Fleas & Ticks

Create a Tick-Free Zone in Your Backyard
Fleas! What Can I Do?  TOP PICK
Fleas, Ticks & Your Pet
How to Remove a Tick from Your Pet
Myths vs. facts: The truth about ticks


Answers to Your Top 7 Dermatology Questions  NEW!
Assessing a Pet's Quality of Life
Ten Signs of Illness in Cats


20 Questions to Help You Choose a Pet Insurance Provider
5 Dog Items to Throw Away Right Now 
Top Tips for Photographing Your Pet
Dog Bark Facts

Nutrition & Diet

Caloric Content of Common Treats
Obesity in the Cat - Body Condition Scale  
Obesity in the Dog - Body Condition Scale  
Understanding Food Allergies  


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Pet  
Tips to Stop Pets from Escaping  
Top 10 Human Drugs that Poison Pets

Seasonal Care

Don't be a Turkey on Thanksgiving
Fireworks and Pets
Halloween Safety 
Halloween Tricks
Holiday Hazards  
Summer Safety Tips
Super Bowl Safety 
Top 7 Autumn Pet Care Tips
Winter Pet Care Tips


Airplane Travel
Help Your Cat Have Better Trips to the Vet

Please note: None of these articles are a substitute for your veterinarian's care. If your pet is having a problem, contact your veterinarian or the appropriate emergency center.