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BAC & Just Born: A mouth-watering collaboration. 

Putting the Pieces Together

When Just Born Quality Confections of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania wanted to take the PEEPS® Brand past Easter, they looked to BAC for a solution.

Eureka! An Idea Takes Shape

BAC joined with Penguin Random House and Golden Books to put PEEPS® Brand on the map... Santa's map. 


PEEPS Takes Flight

When it comes to candy, PEEPS® and Easter are a match made in, well, Bethlehem. BAC utilized the minds at Penguin Random House to move the PEEPS® Brand into the Golden Books world. Now, families don't just pick up PEEPS® for Easter, they pick up PEEPS® themed Golden Books for Christmas... while enjoying their marshmallow trees, of course.


Stepping Out of the Box

The comfort of marshmallows doesn't have to stop at the mouth. Slip your feet into comfort with PEEPS® slippers from Esquire Footwear. The bright, cheery pastels consumers have come to know and associate with PEEPS® work perfectly with the lush softness of a dense foam slipper for a perfect gift, year-round.


This is Important

This is a wonderful place to add another story about the amazing work BAC has done with Just Born Quality Confections. We're thrilled to announce we have another story to add here. In addition to this main story, we have other things to add that will make people truly impressed.

This, the, that, and the other thing are the one two three of it all. It's a big part of why we do what we do and how we accomplish this, that, and the other thing. 

It's one, two, three.


This is Also Great News

Whether it's trying something new, or simply revamping something old, BAC has it under control. Your brand needs a motivated, creative team of professionals to lead your drive to success. 

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